International Chic with a Michigan Touch.


José Regueiro founded his studio in 1981 shortly after graduating high school. After several years of working with wood and furniture making, he was hired by a small woodworking shop near his home until he ventured out on his own. After decades of practice, José has found that properly refined innovative objects yield the most elegant results. Even when he started small back in 1981, he always matched his meticulousness for his craft with innovation of design. With a strong awareness of global design and Michigan's long tradition of furniture design, he applies the highest standards of design, woodworking and finishing techniques that have helped him cultivate a singular yet international style. Today, he spends most of his time developing and creating small works and occasional furniture pieces in his studio, housed in a century old automobile factory in Pontiac, while also focusing on existing orders. After nearly 40 years as a full time professional designer and craftsman, he has developed a following around the country and around the world, with work in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, amongst others.